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How we can help


“Digital” for business has gone well beyond just having a website, being on social media or having an online store. The web has changed the way we do business. Customer experience and management software makes staying in touch with your clients easier than ever. Hound helps make sense of all these things and works with your organisation, and your agency, or ours, to implement solutions that will help change the way you do business.



Whatever you’re trying to achieve, the basis for success is strategy.

  • What is your business trying achieve?
  • What are the tools and actions available to achieve your goals?
  • How are these best used to get to where we want to be?

Whether it’s developing a new website, repositioning your brand or using striking creative that drives customers to engage with you, a thorough understanding of strategy is essential. Creating true value comes from understanding what will deliver the best result for your budget. Hound helps discover and define requirements, creates briefs and documentation for your agency or work we will do together, and manages your project so that the strategy driving it is executed as it should be.



Your company’s brand is not its logo or a tagline, it is what people think, say, and feel about your business. This is influenced by many things; customer interactions, how staff talk about the business both internally, and to customers, visual identity and countless other factors. A strong brand needs everyone singing the same tune and a universal understanding of why your organisation does what it does. Hound helps find your brand story, creates a unique positioning and works with talented designers to create strong, relevant visual identities.


Content & Creative

Now, more than ever, customers don’t want to be talked at. They want quality information that helps them choose products and services, entertains them, and they want it on their terms. The good news is that creating quality interactive material that help drive sales and loyalty is more accessible than it has ever been before. Hound has access to Australia’s best content creators. From photography to video, campaign creative to activation events and programs, Hound can help.